Pics don’t lie :)

  It was awesome working with Sheelah. Her personality was the main subject of the shoot and she definitely gave her all!! Its all about acting out emotions, as opposed to posing stiffly, that brings out one’s real self in that fraction of a second. Sheelah’s fun personality made it an experience worth remembering. Pics don’t lie 🙂

sheelah 2



sheelah 5 copy..

sheelah 6


sheelah 3


sheelah 4


On top of the world




This is what happens when you mess with kung’fu Sheelah.Hehe


12 thoughts on “Pics don’t lie :)

  1. beautiful pictures from miss sheila!!I absolutely tks a great model n an awesome photographer to achieve ths level of awesomeness,,n yeah pics dn lie

  2. Perfect is the of the top models I would love to see her on the cover can tell she got what it takes..professional photography, art,..outta ten, u have my ten buddy..and for sheelah, you are gorgeous girl..I’ll save the rest for later 😉

  3. Austin, thnx alot 🙂 doors are already opening 😉 You going places!!!
    @ koki thnx boo 4 the love n support!
    Mose im glad u love it 🙂 im waiting for the rest 😉

  4. This is so cool Austin..The model is too too photogenic, loving the natural look going on y’all actually pulled it off i must say 🙂 Keep up wif the good work darl..Your ambition & passion will take you to greatest heights..

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